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I'm Web Developer Based on Kathmandu, Nepal

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Web Development

Need a Web App? Don't worry I have you covered. I can help you make the most efficient Dynamic Web App that you will ever need.

Website Management

Having trouble managing your website on your own? You don't have to be troubled any more. I can help you manage your website anytime from anywhere. Send me a mail, I get you sorted in no time.

IOT Projects

Trying to get a new hobby in IOT ? I can help you do amazing projects to make your surrounding more Tech Oriented. If you are thinking to go small using Arduino or go BIG! using Raspberry Pi, I can help you any day.

Website Ranking

Trying to get your website on the top of search results? If yes, you have strolled upon your savior. I can help you improve your websites content and optimize them to be one of the top ranking pages in google.

About Me

My name is Ankit Subedi. I am in undergrad final year. I have been working a full time job as a Web Developer for the last 3.5 years . I cannot say with 100% confidence where I see myself in the next five years or what my big career goal is but the world is changing rapidly and I don’t want to be at the far end of it. I want to go toe to toe with the all the emerging tech and match the pace by which it grows. Which is why I know that I can provide a fresh take and an extraordinary approach to every project I’m involved in.

I am always open to challenges and constructive feedback. I am open-minded and learn new things quickly. I want to become a team player and dedicate all my skills and talents to develop high-quality and unique products.

Interested by what you see? Go ahead and check my “Resume” or You can reach me directly by clicking “Contact Me” button below.

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vuejs original

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